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In League CITY, Masonry Contractor offers full-service commercial masonry contractor specializing in Brick, Block, Stone Masonry, fix Brick cracks, fix Stone Damage, and Restorations including new projects. Our customers trust us and continue to find our craftsman in our ashlar service to none. It is highly reputable in the masonry work and construction industry across the state of Texas.

League City, TX Masonry Contractor

Brick Masonry

Clay work or “brick” has proven its contributing role in green building and sustainable design. Brick has a long-life span, energy efficient, durable, recyclable, local availability low construction waste, and had many re usability. 

Tuckpointing job in league city


Tuckpointing involves using two different colors from the brick mortar to the mortar that fills in the gaps of the brick wall. This is not usually a maintenance item but a cosmetic item that requires skill. 

Block Masonry contractor

Block Masonry

Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) or “concrete blocks” are known for their strength and durability. Texture and color combinations are endless with the products that are available on the market. Block also has a long life span, low construction waste, and potential for reuse. 


Stone Masonry

Natural beauty that is truly unique and environmentally friendly forms in which is hands done gorgeous to look at. Stone is made up with different items, sandstone, limestone, marble, granite and slate. ​​

League City Concrete repair and foundation repair

Concrete and Foundation Repair

Did you wake up and see a crack on you garage floor? Have you been looking at your driveway and tired of tripping on concrete that is sticking up when walking to your car? Have you notice you have a sinking foundation or need concrete overhaul? Please give us a call. League CIty Masonry Pros provides residential and commercial foundation repair services to give you a solution to foundation leveling problems, cracked garage floors, fallen down chimneys, or crack brick walls on the house.
If some of your doors don’t close, or Sheetrock has cracks in towards one side of the house, could be signs of foundation issues. Foundation issues can cause major damages to your own or commercial building if it isn’t fixed ahead of time. Trust us to give you quality work, with an amazing price to come up with the solution to fixed the problem. Depending on the damage, repairs may take one day or a few days. During the time our experienced team with do the job right every time and with excellent customer service. 

cracked-brick-wall in league city tx

Brick Repair

Broken or cracked brick can be easily be repaired. Be aware of the environment that caused the problem, such as a freeze or heavy rain.

Brick Washing and cleaning

Brick Cleaning

Brick Cleaning involves acid wash, water pressure, and high-pressure steam to clean brick on the exterior of your home.

Custome Masonry Firepit

Custom Brick and Stone Mailboxes

All of our mailboxes are made from brick and stone. Can be either round or square depending on your preference, but we will always recommend brick due to its durability and longevity in addition to looking beautiful in your yard! Our professional contractors will install this mailbox so that it meets all postal regulations while still being aesthetically pleasing.

League City, TX Masonry Contractor

Brick Masonry

It is an economical and cost-effective building material for both new constructions as well as renovation. Brick masonry provides a traditional “old world” look to any project, It has the ability to integrate with other materials such as metal or wood without needing much maintenance.

Our Commitment

Our asphalt artisans are experts, always working to provide a high-quality, long-lasting solution at an affordable price. 

Our Staff

Our professional team has collectively over 30 years of combined expertise in the Masonry industry. We work hard to ensure that every installation we complete is of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Tuckpointing job in league city


The mortar joints are not just decorative, they also serve to seal the bricks and blocks from moisture. Tuckpointing is a technique for rebuilding these mortar joints when cracks form due to shifting or settling of building materials. It is sometimes called “re-jointing” because it involves making new masonry joints in places where old ones have cracked out or been damaged by decay.


Brick Re-pointing involves fixing the joints in between bricks and when you have cracked bricks or in need of brick repair. This is a house maintenance item that needs correcting to not allow water to site inside of these groves. 

Top of the Line Work

Our focus is to always put our customers first and exceed their expectations. 

Brick wall in league city

Block Masonry

Block masonry is used in many different applications ranging from the exterior of your home, commercial buildings, and even underground brick structures. Blocks can be made from many different materials such as concrete, crushed rock, or recycled material to name a few!

new brick mailbox

Brick and Stone Mailboxes

we repair and build up new brick mailboxes. Either from someone backing up into your mailbox or from wear and tear over the years. Now you may be wondering if we can rebuild yours once again or would it look completely different. What we can do is guarantee you that our work will look identical to the brick mailbox that came with your home, or if not close to it.

We offer multiple colors and design options if you are wanting a new brick or stone mailbox.

Custom stone entrance way in league city, tx

Stone Masonry

A natural extension to brick construction, stone masonry offers an upscale look with more durability than brick alone! Stone can be cut into any shape that you require as well as being stained with different colors depending on your preference – all while still retaining its strength and beauty!

A custom stonemason will create an attractive look to your home or business with our services in natural stone construction, installation of flagstone patios, quality limestone steps, new sidewalks with topsoil around it (to prevent erosion) or anything else you can imagine! We also offer free estimates on all projects so give us a call to schedule yours.

custom brick fireplace

Custom Masonry Work

Masonry contractors usually offer a wide variety of services and custom work. These can range from outdoor fireplaces, benches, mailboxes, or even installing a new chimney cap on your house for safety purposes. It is recommended that homeowners get quotes before starting any masonry project to ensure it will be completed at the desired cost. Presently there are many different types of brick available in addition to marble slabs which make design options limitless when thinking about stonework projects around the home or office building including decorative borders for walkways as well as adding stone accents such as garden fountains with waterfalls or ponds lined with natural stones like granite.

One type of popular service offered by League City Masonry Contractors is concrete leveling. This is a great service for homeowners who are looking to reduce the slope of their driveway or sidewalk.

Masonry contractors offer services that will make your home like new again! Masonry companies in League City do brick repairs, install stonework, and more! If you’re considering masonry installation at your place – get quotes before starting any project with League City’s pros. There are many different types of bricks available today as well as marble slabs which give you unlimited design options when it comes to stonework projects around the house or office building including decorative borders for walkways and garden fountains lined with natural stones such as granite


Brick Repair League City

Brick Repair

​We can fix any masonry damage with our best service and quality work. Fix minor cracks or major structural damage. If you are looking for a new project whether it is construction or residential we can do it all. 

Brick Washing and cleaning

Brick Cleaning

If you are looking for a professional masonry contractor who will provide cleaning services at an affordable price, contact us today! We offer a variety of residential and commercial cleaning options from acid wash (to remove dirt) to power washing with hot or cold water depending on what is needed.

Our cleaners use high-pressure steamers which can come in handy when soap scum builds up around windowsills and other hard-to-reach places that require scrubbing.

We also have many customers who would like their mortar joints rewashed every few months because they don’t want any growths or moss forming on their brick.

We offer a service for this, and we will come to your home or business with all the necessary tools and cleaning solutions.

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  • We are always ready to help you with any questions or concerns that come up during the mason building process, and we will make sure everything is done correctly.
  • We want to ensure your satisfaction so we guarantee all of our work for a period of one year from the completion date.
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