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Tuckpointing takes skill and patience to do. It involves using two different colors of mortar to fill in the gaps of brick. Tucking point irons are used to fill in the gaps within the bricks

Choosing the right masonry contractor for the job can be tough because there are many tools that can be used for tuckpointing, so choosing the wrong one can hurt the quality of work.

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Brick Repointing

Tuckpointing Contractor

What is the difference in tuckpointing and re-pointing? Both of them involves the process of filling the gaps in between bricks with mortar however re-pointing involves removing damaged mortar and/brick to do a repair. Please visit our brick re-pointing page for more information. Tuckpointing makes the brick appear to have a finer gap in between the bricks, by matching the color of the existing brick and having a different color in between the bricks. If you are looking to achieve the appearance of high end rubbed bricks, tuckpointing is a cheaper alternative way to do it

Tuckpointing is the simple process of applying a new mortar joint to an old brick wall. The purpose? To patch up cracks or small holes in the bricks that can sometimes develop over time from structural movement, freezing and thawing, natural settling, reaction with groundwater or other causes..

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What if you dont repair Tuckpointing issues

And now for the bad news: if your brick wall is showing signs of major structural problems such as crumbling or large cracks in the mortar joints (which may go all the way through), it’s time to get some professional help from a masonry contractor like ours before any more damage can occur! If left untreated for too long, serious consequences could arise such as water infiltration into walls made of clay blocks, concrete blocks, stone or brick veneer units that causes dampness inside and outside buildings which leads to condensation on surfaces combined with associated mold growth; insulation deterioration causing energy loss; the reduced lifespan of building materials due to exposure directly caused by freezing and thawing.

Tuckpointing job in league city


The most important reason for tuckpointing is aesthetic: it makes your brick look like new again! Tuckpoints also help slow down deterioration by providing reinforcement against water damage. They are one of the least expensive methods to control moisture infiltration into walls made of masonry materials such as clay blocks, concrete blocks, stone, and brick veneer units (BVUs). If you’re worried about how much this service will cost, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate.

If you are in need of brick repair, tuckpointing repairs or stone restoration due to weather and water damage for your property in League City TX area then contact the best masonry contractor around! We have experience with all types of architectural building materials such as clay blocks, concrete blocks, Stone and Brick Veneer Units. Our services include both exterior walls (brick) and interior walls (concrete block). Call today at 281-595-9487 for a free consultation about our affordable rates on repairing mortar joints, tuckpointing bricks or restoring old stones that will make your home look brand new again!

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